Saturday, March 22, 2008

Is the Kiddie Kandids stress worth it...

well, it was yesterday, after getting this picture. My friends and I decided to go to Kiddie Kandids and get our kids' Easter pictures. After the craziness of the wait, the cramped space with all our strollers and gear plus 20 other adults and kids waiting also, the rude photographers, the out of order bathroom and 2 pregnant moms, and the disaster group shot...Madelyn had 5 shots taken of her, all of them were smiley and her session lasted 2 minutes. She is an easy one to snap a photo of. The photo session ended with a messy, crazy, but cheesy Mexican lunch at Jordan Landing. After Marissa and I have our babies that makes 8 kids and 5 adults. No more lunches out, takeout only. Thanks guys for the fun morning and lunch.

Trip to the Zoo

Grandma bought all the families zoo passes for Easter, thanks mom! So we decided to go to the zoo and enjoy some spring weather. It was a little cold still, but by the end of the zoo when you have to hike up all the hills to get back to the entrance it was nice that it wasn't so hot like it is when you go in the summertime. Madelyn loved every moment. She loves animals, and was mimicing all of them, it was really funny. We'll definitely enjoy the pass this year. Here are a few pictures from the little family outing.
When we walked up to the giraffes they were eating, and doing their funny thing they do with their mouths. I look at Madelyn and she is sticking her tongue out and licking, and making these funny noises. Notice the new baby giraffe in the background.

Oops, there must have been a fingerprint on the camera's's Madelyn and grandma.

Madelyn was staring at the leopard in its cage. Again, she was so excited to be there.


We had some really busy days this last week and so she hadn't taken very good naps because we were out a lot. The other morning I needed to get in the shower, and she did not want me to get in. She was pounding on the glass, saying "mama, mama". So she went into the closet found one of Ty's shirts and came out saying, "daddy, daddy". Then curled up on the bathroom floor with Ty's shirt. I looked down a minute later and realized she wasn't really moving. Yep, she was so exhausted that she had fallen asleep on the bathroom floor. So when I jumped out of the shower I had to take this picture.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

It's Consignment Sale Season!!!

All of you that know me, know that I love a good bargain, and one of my favorites is children's consignment sales. I went this last weekend to one, and here a few of my good finds...
Clothes...which a lot of them still had new tags on them, the Gymboree and Children's Place pajamas above, were some of those.

And more clothes...

Don't mind the bedhead hair, and the funny facial expression, but I got some really cute bows...for Madelyn and for the new baby.

I also got some cute dress shoes that are still a little too big...Notice that Madelyn was wearing the big bow and the dress shoes and a diaper around the house on Saturday morning and did not want me to put her clothes on. I also got a really cute Fisher Price toy house that makes all kinds of sounds and came with the little people and furniture for $8. All this for $65. And for all of you that love these kind of bargains the best semi-annual consignment sale is in a month at the Hilltop Methodist save your dollars now to save in the future! Happy consigning!