Saturday, November 29, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

We started off the Thanksgiving holiday by making pumpkin chocolate chip cookies for our neighbors and delivering them. Then we headed up to Park City with my family and stayed in a house up there through Friday. We watched a lot of movies, sat in the hot tub, and ate a lot of good food. We hung out and relaxed a lot, it was a lot of fun. Thanks mom and dad! On Thanksgiving night, after we put the kids to bed, my mom and sisters and I went to the Park City outlets for the midnight madness sales. I scored 4 pairs of winter Gymboree jammies for the girls for just over $20. Then I went back to bed for 2 hours and got up to go to WalMart at 5 am with my sister. We got some more good deals there on toys and a big selection of $2 DVDs. I love all these crazy sales, and even more I love watching people go crazy over them. 'Tis the season! Last night we put up the Christmas tree and decorations. Madelyn had such a good time helping decorate the tree. It's hard to believe that we will be heading to Canada for Christmas in just 2 1/2 weeks. You have to love every minute of this time of year, because before you know it, it's here, and then gone again. Happy Holidays to everyone!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Madelyn's Drawing

A few days ago, Madelyn was drawing on some paper. She said, "Mom, look it's Alex and Liz.", our friends, as she was drawing the circles that represented faces, and then she drew the crooked little half circles, which are not even on the faces and said, "They're happy, here are their smiles." I thought it was so cute, so I scanned it in and had to share it.

First Theater Experience for the Girls

Last weekend our friends invited us to see Madagascar 2 in the theater. Madelyn had been asking to see the "move it" show for a few weeks so we decided we would go. Even though it was a really cute show, Madelyn was just way to overwhelmed with the whole experience. She went to the bathroom twice, to the drinking fountain twice, was in and out of her booster seat a million times, and then we finally ended up buying her a little bag of popcorn, which she actually sat still with and watched the rest of the movie. Then, Audrey...she fell asleep right before the movie so we thought we were set, but it was so loud that she woke up ten minutes into the movie and was awake the rest of the time, and not very happy. It was crazy! Well...let's just say we won't be doing that again for awhile. Although, after we left we were talking about it in the car and I said, "Madelyn, that movie we saw was called Madagascar 2. Can you say Madagascar?" and she said, "No mom, it's not, it's called I Like to Move It Move It!"

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween

This year as Madelyn is getting older we had a fun time celebrating with her. The night before we carved pumpkins. Madelyn had so much fun pulling all the seeds out and helping us carve them. Ty and her kept some of the seeds to bake. We started out Halloween night with the traditional soup in pumpkin bread bowls that my mom brought us. Then I took the girls trick or treating while Ty stayed home to pass out candy. Madelyn had such a great time. I took the stroller so that I could push her between houses, but she wanted to do it by herself. She would walk up the steps and knock on each door, then say, "Trick-or-Treat!" It was really fun to watch her. We only made it to about 10 or 15 houses in 1 hour, she was a little slow. Towards the end it was a little rainy and so I convinced her to hop in the stroller so we could head back home. She thought it was pretty fun to trick-or-treat at her own house. Then later we had some friends come over with their kids. We played games, decorated cookies, and made witches brew out of treats with the kids. By the end of the night the kids were full of sugar and empty on sleep so we decided to call it a night. We had a great time! Today, Madelyn said in a sad voice, " Mom Halloween's all over." Until next we're off to thinking about Thanksgiving and Christmas. I can't believe how fast the holidays come. Here are a few pictures.