Tuesday, September 30, 2008

2 Year Olds = Big Emotions!

Wow, Madelyn has been very emotional lately. She has these extreme positive and negative emotional peaks. So yesterday she was asking to watch a show and had pulled out all these old VHS tapes, so I grabbed our wedding video and put it in. She was thoroughly enjoying the photo montage at the beginning and then when it got to our reception when we cut our wedding cake and I tried smashing it in Ty's face, she came up to me crying, literally with tears in her eyes and said, "Mommy smashed the cake in daddy's face." and she would not let it go. She just kept crying and crying saying the same thing over and over, like she was so concerned and disappointed that I would do that to daddy. It was pretty funny.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Madelyn's Two!

Happy Birthday Madelyn! She turned 2 on Sunday and we had a fun, yet casual day. We decided that since we did a big party for her 1st birthday that we would just keep it simple this year by having cake and ice cream after Sunday dinner at my parents. However this year I did want to get her a kitchen for her birthday because when we go somewhere that has a play kitchen that's all she wants to play with. I have been shopping online for the last month and the one that I liked just happened to come to Costco last week for a lot less than I found it online for, and most online stores were back ordered until late November anyway. We let her open it Sunday morning and it took Ty awhile to put it together. She loves it. Grandma Wilkins gave her some dishes and some play food to go with her kitchen. She is always telling me now that she wants to "cook some food." This morning she brought us all cupcakes in bowls in bed and said, "Mommy here's your breakfast. Daddy here's your breakfast. Baby Audrey here's your breakfast."
Here are a few photos from her birthday.

I also took her to her two-year well checkup and she now weighs 26 lbs. and is 33 1/2 in. tall. She is in the 50th percentile straight across. Her doctor said that she is talking well beyond the average 2 yr. old and seems to be doing great. He commented how enjoyable the visit with her was compared to most toddler checkups. He told me not to worry about her still sucking her "paci" when she sleeps, which was reassuring since I am worried about it. When he walked out she said, "Dr. Stampfl went ba-bye mom." Madelyn, mom and dad love you and we look forward to another year of laughter and joys!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Instant Family of Seven

This last week, Ty and I took our girls up to my sister's house and babysat their three boys while they took their baby and went to Lake Powell with some friends. It was a little crazy, but we made it through, 15 loads of laundry, and 25 bowls of cereal later. There were a few times that I felt like I was in the scene of a Nanny 911 episode, like when Max(8) was at school and all three kids Henry(4), Charlie(3), and Madelyn(2) were all swinging and crying because I couldn't be pushing them all at the same time. I also was wearing Audrey(2 mo.) in the Baby Bjorn at the time trying to push them and calm them down...crazy! Anyway, it made me realize how much we need a son someday for Ty's sake, but yet how grateful I am for my IUD for now!
Miniature golfing at Mulligan's...yes everyone was staring at us like wow, that couple is crazy, they have 5 kids, and 4 are 4 and under.
Charlie golfing or in other words, Charlie running around the golf course swinging a putter at everything in sight and throwing everyone's balls off the green and in the water.
Madelyn caring more about the sunglasses, than where her putter or ball were. By the way she asked for the pink ball, and then when we would help her put, she would take her ball from where she hit it, put it two inches from the hole and then hit it in. She also would say after everyone hit their ball in the hole. "You did it Max! You did it Henry! You did it Mommy!..." and so on. We let about 5 other groups pass us up and go ahead of us, because each hole took about 15 minutes, it got a little crazy. By the end, Ty and I were very ready to go home.
All the kids eating cereal one morning.
Max came home from school on Friday and said, "My teacher taught us how to make smores in the microwave.", which I thought was a little wierd, but we decided to try them so here's Madelyn eating her microwaved smore.
Thanks boys for the fun week!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

An Audrey Update

Audrey is growing fast. She is now smiling and cooing a lot. She gets easier everyday, thankfully. She's almost 2 months now and weighs 10 1/2 lbs. Here is a funny little picture I took of her the other day at the end of a smile.
This is Audrey with her two cousins, Lily (5 mo.) and Ryan (2 1/2 mo.) Don't you love Lily's rolls, she's adorable and so easy going. Putting up with three older brothers is not the easiest thing, but she's great to tolerate it all.

Presley's Party

A few weeks ago, one of Madelyn's little friends Presley had a western birthday party where they got to have horse rides and come in their western gear. Ty got all excited and got out the cowboy hat for her to wear. Funny enough, when we got there, Madelyn's other friend Anna was wearing the same shirt so we had to take their picture.