Sunday, May 17, 2009

Well Deserved Night Out

+ = Great Night!

This last week was crazy! We spent Mother's Day driving in the car, coming home from our 1600 mile round-trip to Canada where we went to attend Grandma Fletcher's funeral, which was nice, but a long trip. While there, I found out I have an eye infection and can't wear my contacts for 2 weeks while I use an antibiotic drop, which then my glued-on-one-side glasses broke on the other side. So now my glasses are glued on both sides. I know, I'm a total nerd. I think though I could find $400 to go somewhere else than a new pair of glasses. Then Madelyn had her share of naughty little behaviors such as, drawing all over the computer screen with pen, dumping out half of a 30 oz. brand new can of formula into the wet sink and then mixing a whole spice container of poppy seeds into it, sucking on Audrey's pacifier multiple times, etc., etc. Audrey also had a rough week trying to get back on a schedule, then getting Bronchiolitis for the 2nd time and her 5th round of ear infections...we scheduled the ear tube surgery for June 2nd. So...finally last night Ty and I went out to dinner and a movie while my mom watched the girls, and we actually got to talk and be together without any interruptions. We went down to Gateway and ate at Biaggi's and saw "The Ghost of Girlfriend's Past". Yes, my husband is great and went to a chick flick with me. It was actually pretty good. So after a crappy week, the date definitely made up for most of it. Thanks for a fun night Ty, I love you!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Anne, Eliza, and Madelyn = Trouble

Tonight we went to my parent's house to finish setting up a swing set that they had purchased for the grand kids and to have a barbecue. Just as we were finishing getting the food ready, my mom happened to walk in to the laundry room to find a horrific disaster, all she could say was, "Oh no, oh no, oh no." There the three little trouble makers, Anne, Eliza, and Madelyn were standing in the middle of a huge mess. They had dumped four huge Costco sized bottles of bubbles, 409, Spray 'N Wash, and Tide all over the floor and were just swimming in soapy bubbles. Well to say the least, they were in big trouble. We stripped them down, rinsed them, put them in pajamas, and sent them to time out. An hour later, 10 towels, several garbage bags full, and lots of "I'm so sorries!" later, we about got the mess cleaned up. If it was any old laundry room it would be no big deal, but my mom's laundry room is her stash room, so the floors were covered in stuff that should not be covered in bubbles. These three little girls were born just weeks within each other and have a lot of fun together, but are also trouble. You little stinkers, it's a good thing that we love you so much!

Matilda Freda Phillips Fletcher

Ty's grandma passed away last Friday night at age 94 after battling with her health for some time now. Her and Grandpa Fletcher, two little love birds just celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary on April 12th. We are headed up to Canada for her funeral, which will be on Thursday this week. The last time we saw her was almost 2 years ago when Madelyn was only 9 months old. She was a sweet lady and had such a special spirit about her. We love you Grandma Fletcher and can't wait to see you again.