Sunday, February 22, 2009

Great Deals at Albertsons!

Yesterday I went to Albertsons and with my coupons and their in-store specials, I got all of this for $10.69!
(12) cans of Progresso soup

(5) Betty Crocker cake mixes

(2) Betty Crocker brownie mixes

(1) Betty Crocker cookie mix

(1) tub of Betty Crocker frosting

(2) Pillsbury Grands biscuits

(1) Pillsbury cinnamon rolls

(1) Pillsbury crescent rolls

(2) boxes of Fruit Roll-Ups

(1) bag of Cheerios snack mix

(1) box of Chex mix snack bars

(1) loaf of Grandma Sycamore's wheat bread

(3) Roma tomatoes

(1) package of Huggies Pull-Ups

I was a little shocked when I walked out of the store. I love good deals! These are going on through Tuesday, February 24th if anyone's interested, and I'd be happy to explain how to get this. I'll probably go back on Monday to get more.


Liz said...

Rock on!!! Doesn't it feel good? I wanted to hit Albertson's on Saturday but didn't get the chance. Let's talk so I make sure I play it right to get the best deal.

Kim Shirley said...

Okay so I know we already talked about all your great deals. But seriously I can't believe you got all of that for $10.69. That is awesome!! I for sure need to go grocery shopping with you.

Sara and Company said...

Look at you go! I normally don't do a lot of those extra coupon things because they are things I don't normally buy/want anyway, but for that price, it would so be worth it! That's awesome!

Valerie said...

CRAZY!!!! i need to start doing this!