Sunday, February 22, 2009

Silly Girls!

Audrey - The other night when Ty was at Bishopric meeting I let the girls stay up a little late. We were watching Toy Story and Madelyn wanted her slinky out when she saw the slinky dog on the show. Audrey got a hold of it a little while later, and I had to grab my camera. She was going crazy with that thing. Silly Audrey, we love you.

Madelyn - After church today, Madelyn was playing in her kitchen. She had set up all the stuffed animals and dolls in her strollers and shopping cart in front of the kitchen, singing, "He knows the way." Then I overheard her saying to them, "Elmo's the prophet so he gets a drink first. Here Elmo.", and handed Elmo a cup. Apparently they were singing the song "Follow the Prophet" in nursery today. Kids say the silliest things. I guess we need to have a lesson on the prophet tomorrow night for FHE.

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Sara and Company said...

I love it when babies get too excited to contain themselves! That is darling darling darling! And it is so fun to hear what comes out of their mouths...esp. when they start being in circumstances, like church, where they hear it from someone else.